Child ISA - Fantastic tax free savings Junior ISA for Children. A Great way to save for your child / children.

Child ISA - Tax free ISA for Children

-  Tax Free ISA For Children

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Child ISA

The tax free way to save
towards your child’s financial future

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Great Tax Free Savings For Your Child...

A Child ISA (officially named the ‘Junior ISA’ which stands for ‘Junior Individual Savings Account’) is a tax free savings account just like a regular ISA but for children.

Any interest earned within the account is tax free and the funds are locked away until the child reaches adulthood (18 years of age).

Because the funds are locked away, the Child ISA is a great savings platform to help provide a financial start to their adult life and can help to contribute to ever increasing and expensive university fee’s or even go towards a deposit on their first home.

The ISA for children offer great flexible savings which allows Grandparents to contribute and also any other family members / friends which have a vested interest in the financial future of your child.

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Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance and the value of your investment may fall as well as rise, and any income received in the form of dividends may fluctuate. If you are unsure about any investment or other financial product/service then we strongly advise that you seek advice from an independent financial adviser. You can find a financial advisor by visiting or You may not get back the full amount when the account is closed. If paying regular monthly contributions please bear in mind that if contributions are not maintained you will be less likely to achieve the investment amount that was originally projected.


27th July 2011 - Government Announces Final Child ISA Regulations
The UK’s coalition government has confirmed it’s final regulations for the new Junior ISA savings accounts.

The Children’s ISA’s will officially be launched and available for the public to buy on the 1st November 2011 with both a Child Cash ISA and Child Stocks and Shares Junior ISA (Child Investment ISA) available.

A maximum of £4000 (2014/2015 tax year) will be allowed to be invested into the Child ISA and each eligible child can hold both a Child Investment ISA and a Child Cash ISA at the same time but no more than one of each.

The official final regulations also state that anyone can pay into a Child ISA including Grandparents and other family members / friends.

Funds will be locked into the account until the child reaches adulthood (18 yrs old) and the government has also confirmed that unlike the old Child Trust Fund, it will not be contributing towards the Child ISA.


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